Texans Serving Maui!

“However, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).


 Do you see these beautiful people? We love them! Do you know why? Is it because they are from the country of Texas? Is it because they love pineapples? No, well, maybe, but really it’s because they came to Maui this past summer not to sit in a resort and drink mai tais, but rather, they came to SERVE.

Do you know how rare it is to find a group of people willing to spend their own pretty penny, fly to Hawaii, then serve the people? Wow! We are grateful for our friends Retha, her two sons Barrett and Brent, as well as fellow teammates Vickie and their long-time Sunday School teacher, Keith. They worked hard during the week on Maui, and I wanted to share a glimpse into what they did here.

But before I share, I want you to know that the Lord truly had this ministry trip planned long ago…It was planted as a seed in Retha’s heart many years ago, and it was through our friendship that it came to pass. Glory be to God for using His children, placing calls on our lives and asking us to take steps of faith. He is worthy!


The team wasted no time: right after leaving the airport we headed to the newly opened Malama Pregnancy Center. They brought with them tons of handmade shopping bags to be given as gifts to the expecting mamas at the center. (They also shared their bounty of beautiful bags with other local churches. There’s a ban on Maui against using plastic shopping bags, so these gifts were not only beautiful, but practical as well!) They helped fill ‘s “Zeyah’s Closet” and also shared handmade crosses. My boys even got some to share with friends! What a blessing for all!


Over the week the team worked closely with Feed My Sheep Maui, picking pineapples in the field in the hot, hot sun, serving the homeless and helping in any way possible. The Director of Feed My Sheep, Joyce, said this regarding the team’s help, “We really enjoyed meeting this great team of servant leaders.  Thank you for referring them to us.” I know that the hard work and ministry time will be treasured in the team’s heart for years to come.


Living Way Maui and God’s House, both local churches, were also blessed by the team with their prayers, presence, and gift offerings.



Finally, after a week of serving, our family was able to take them on the infamous “Road to Hana,” to stay with more brothers and sisters in Christ at a lovely home, dedicated to allowing people space to rest and rejuvenate.


Ben and Jenny are the gracious hosts to this amazing Hana hale, and we were humbled by their generosity and aloha spirit. If you live on Maui, you probably know Ben and Jenny, and you may have even stayed in their home as well. :)



A special thanks to Lakeview Baptist Church in Belton, Texas, for sharing your sweet folks with us this past summer. We were blessed by their presence here, and I know that many others were as well.

With mucho aloha,

9 1 1: Prayer for Jerusalem

Copied from AnGeL Ministries

NOTE:  This prayer may be prayed in one hour, or it may be prayed section by section over a longer period of time. Although it is patterned after Daniel 9, it is my personal prayer. It comes from deep within my heart, because I believe the rapture of the church may be imminent.  When that moment comes, and every born again believer is caught up to be with Jesus, along with the Holy Spirit who indwells them and presently restrains evil, Israel will be more alone in the family of nations than she ever has been since her rebirth in 1948. And I wonder…is it at that moment that God will pour out on the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem a spirit of grace and supplication?  Is it at that moment that they will look on the One they have pierced, and recognize Him as their Messiah? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I am utterly convinced it’s time to pray for Jerusalem.

Our Father in Heaven. God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are the Eternal I AM.  The One who is age to age the same. There is no shadow of turning with You.  You are fully present in every generation—past, present, and future. You are the All-Mighty.  Your power has not been deleted or depleted over the millennia of human history. We know that You so loved the world that You gave us Heaven’s treasure when You sent Your only Son to die, so that anyone and everyone who places their faith in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. Yet we also know that Your great heart of love still longs to pour out Your blessing on the City and the people that You have uniquely chosen as Your own. Jerusalem. The House of Israel. The Jews….Read More Here

Hurricanes Iselle & Julio: Pray for Hawaiian Islands

Aloha to all who love Hawaii:

We are asking for prayers even more during this severe tropical weather season. The news, as well as the “coconut wireless,” have all been a buzz with the word that hurricanes Iselle and Julio are heading toward our beloved Hawaiian Islands.

Pray Hawaii - Iselle - Julio

According to http://www.khon2.com the following watches/warnings are in effect as of this morning:

  • A hurricane warning is in effect for Hawaii County.
  • A tropical storm warning is in effect for Maui County (Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Kahoolawe) and Oahu.
  • A tropical storm warning is in effect for Kauai County (Kauai and Niihau).
  • A flash flood watch is in effect for all of the Hawaiian islands.

via khon2.com

Ways to Pray:

  • For peace, wisdom & preparedness for all who reside on the Hawaiian Islands.
  • For Iselle & Julio to weaken greatly & divert away from the islands.
  •  For minimal damage to occur.
  • For provision for any clean-up and repairs (if needed).
  • For everyone to be safe, without harm.

How to Stay Connected:

via Instagram: Pray Hawaii . Island Gypsy Hawaii

via Twitter: Pray Hawaii . Island Gypsy Hawaii

via Facebook: Pray Hawaii . Island Gypsy Hawaii

Where to Find Weather Updates & Storm/Safety Information:


Hawaii County

Maui County


Kauai County

Mashable created an interesting article about storms & hurricanes on the islands: here.

Photo from outside our home: (Wednesday afternoon, left; Thursday morning, right)

Our family resides on Maui, and our kids are home from school for the next two days in anticipation of the storm, as are all Maui kids. Thank you for your prayers for all of the Hawaiian Islands, our ohana and the land. We’ll update this blog as we’re able. Mahalo for your prayers!

Jennifer Poppy

777: Urgent Call to Prayer Day SEVEN

copied from AnGeL Ministries

777 Urgent Call to Prayer DAY SEVEN Hour by Hour Prayer and Fasting Anne Graham Lotz


Worthy is the Lamb who was slain,
to receive all

“Hallelujah!  Salvation and glory and power belong to our God, for true and just are His judgments…Hallelujah!  For our Lord God Almighty reigns.  Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory!” – Revelation 19:1-2, 6-7

Note: For this, our seventh day of prayer, our format is slightly different than the first six days.  Today, we will pray and fast for seven hours.  So the following prayer is laid out hour by hour.  Included in the direction for some of the hours, I have adapted Puritan prayers from Valley of Vision* to help us articulate the cry of our hearts. They will be in italics. I have also made suggestions if you would like some additional direction.


We praise You as the One who declares Your greatness and glory in Creation. The heavens that are pitched like a tent for the sun speak of Your vastness. The sun that never ceases to rise, then set, speaks of Your faithfulness.  The billions of stars that sparkle like diamonds in the dark expanse of the night sky reveal Your vast, personal knowledge, as You call each one by name. The boundaries on the shore that You set for the waves of the sea speak of Your laws that are for our good.  The sparrows that you see fall, and the lilies that You clothe, point to your compassionate, individualized, personal attention.

We praise You as our Creator, for we are wonderfully and fearfully made in Your image, with a capacity to know You in a personal relationship. You know our thoughts before they become words. You numbered our days and recorded them before we were born. You know when we go out, and when we come in.  When we rise and when we lie down.

We worship You, the Lamb who was slain, who alone is worthy of all praise.  Our hearts yearn for the day when we will be gathered around Your Throne and see with our own eyes the angels and people whose numbers are too great to count, and hear with our own ears the multitude crying out in such unity that they sound as one loud voice… Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise. The entire Universe will roar in acclamation and praise of You!

I worship You______________

Suggestion: Use Scripture to help you give expression to your worship, such as: Psalm 19, 23, 24, 27, 46, 91; Isaiah 40; Revelation 5 and others of your own choosing

You can read the rest of the prayers here

777: An Urgent Call to Prayer Day Six

Copied from AnGeL Ministries

777 Urgent Call to Prayer DAY SIX Anne Graham Lotz

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain,
to receive all
The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being, sustaining all things by His powerful word.” – Hebrews 1:3
  • We worship You, Lord Jesus Christ, as God in “homespun and sandals,” come down to perfectly reveal to us the character of the Father. When we want to know what God is like, we can look at You. When we want to know what’s in His heart and what’s on His mind, we can look at You. You illuminate the darkness of our circumstances and the chaotic confusion of our world, giving hope for the future. You are the marvelous, everlasting and all-powerful Light that shines abroad in our hearts that we might no longer walk in the darkness of deception, fear, ignorance and evil, but in the love and light of Your glory.
  • I worship You as _____________

You can read the rest of the prayer here

777: An Urgent Call to Prayer DAY FIVE

Copied from AnGeL Ministries

777 Urgent Call to Prayer DAY FIVE Anne Graham Lotz



 Worthy is the Lamb who was slain,

to receive all

Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.  – Philippians 2:9-11

  • We worship You, Lord Jesus, as the name that is above every name. You stand in the solitude of Yourself.  There is no one like You. You are the One who sits on the throne at the center of the Universe. You are the Creator, the Messiah, the Redeemer of Israel, the Savior of the world, the Hope of the Ages. You alone are able to rule the world and fulfill the Father’s purpose for the human race, yet You humbled Yourself to the point of death on the Cross that You might be the ransom for our sin.
  • I worship You as _______________

You can read the rest of the prayer here

777: An Urgent Call to Prayer DAY FOUR

Copied from AnGeL Ministries

777 Urgent Call to Prayer DAY FOUR Anne Graham Lotz

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain,
to receive all

That power is like the working of His mighty strength, which He exerted in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His right hand in the heavenly realms, far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every title that can be given, not only in the present age, but also in the one to come.  And God placed all things under His feet…  – Ephesians 1:19-22
  • We worship You, Lord Jesus Christ, on this our nation’s birthday, as the All-Mighty – our breathtaking and all-powerful Lord.  You measure the waters in the hollow of Your hand.  You weigh the mountains on scales.  You stretch out the heavens like a curtain.  Your immensity is impossible for us to comprehend.  You make a way when there is no way. You are a prayer-hearing, prayer-answering, miracle-working God!  Our nation’s history gives testimony to Your strength to establish, preserve, and prosper us.
  • I worship You as _____________

You can read the rest of the prayer here