Baby Trucker Update #3- Trucks for Trucker

Please keep praying for the Dukes ‘Ohana and Baby Trucker’s recovery from cancer. Please read about a special event here on Maui tomorrow below the update from Trucker’s Dad.  Please click the photo go to the give forward campaign for Baby Trucker.

Trucker Dukes Update #3


#chemosucks what do you give your baby when he can’t keep anything down? Whatever he wants!#popciclesforbreakfast #cancersucks#LoveBeatsCancer #TeamTrucker

Trucks for Trucker happening tomorrow! January 24, 10am-2pm, 635 Hina Avenue, Kahului, HI 96732.  Please come help the Dukes ‘Ohana and Baby Trucker fight cancer at  this fundraiser tomorrow. Click the photo for more details.

Trucks for Trucker


Baby Trucker Update #2

Please read below for an update from Trucker Dukes mom and special fundraiser being held on January 24th on Maui.

Please read this update from Shauna Dukes and please join us in praying for his stem cell harvesting.

“This guy all gowned up..He had special surgery this morning for his new catheder in his neck and is happy As a clam hammin it up for his mamma ready for his Stem cell harvest tomorrow.. Please pray we get all we need in one day so we can break him outta here.”

If you are in a position to give financially, please go the Give Forward Campaign for this family.

Also, if you are on Maui or will be during January 24, 2015, there will be a Trucks for Trucker Keiki Fun Day at Grace Bible Church from 10 am to 2 pm.  Please go here for more information.

Baby Trucker Update

Given the family nature of the Christmas season, it is a great time to be home with the family and friends.  According to their latest update, the Dukes family will get to have Baby Trucker home with his parents and older siblings because he doesn’t need an IV.  Also, his first round of chemo has shrunk his belly some.

Please join us in rejoicing for the improvement, please continue to pray for complete healing for Baby Trucker and please give financially if you can.

Trucker Dukes Update

Please read below for an update from Joshua Dukes, Trucker’s dad, that he posted earlier this week to Facebook.

“Aloha family, THIS IS JOSHUA, hacking my wives facebook she left her i-pad at the hospital. I have been trying to think about how I could respond to all the love and support everyone has been blessing us with. I figured I could reach the most people on Shauna’s facebook. What we have been going through with our youngest son Trucker being diagnosed with late stage neuroblastoma is hands down the hardest thing we have ever been through. My wife would probably say it’s harder than labor and that looks insane! This trial I think at times could crush me. If I’m honest there has been times that it has been close. But there has been something amazing I have experienced through all this. Many of you when we have talked have said the same thing. “I don’t even have words to say to you!” I want to tell you something, you don’t need words. Your actions speak louder than they ever could. Yes this is the most difficult thing I have ever gone through, but we have an ARMY of people standing with us, and at times picking us up. I can feel your prayers. God is using you to bring us peace, bring us hope and show us love through your actions. I don’t pretend to know Gods plan, but I know that wherever it takes us, even if the outcome is not what I want we will still have peace. I know that the friendships this ohana has will help and is helping carry us through the burdens we cary. The love and community we are experiencing is indescribable. Thank you for being there for Trucker. Thank you for being there for my ohana, and thank you for being there for me. I know that God is good, even when my baby is suffering, because He gave me friends like you. Please continue to pray for Trucker. Pray that his pain would ease. Pray that the treatment the doctors give him would cure his cancer. Pray that the chemo would not damage Truckers heart, hearing, organs and health. Pray for my wife and children, and pray for me to have wisdom to navigate my family down this road. I have learned some things through this and they are God is in control even when life is not. Every day is a gift. Every day you can wake up and kiss your baby is something to give thanks for. Every day with your spouse, your loved ones, your keiki is something to cherish. We are not promised tomorrow, so make the most of this day God has given you. By saying that I want to tell all of you who have been there for the Dukes ohana I appreciate you, I am grateful for you and I love you. We got some more bad news today, but we are going to fight with everything we’ve got. That is all I can do. Thank you for standing with us in prayer, thank you for serving us with all your help, thank you for blessing us financially. My words won’t do my gratitude justice. Stay strong with us, for Trucker Boy.
With all my love and aloha, Joshua”

Please go here to read an update about Baby Trucker and to give as you feel the LORD leads you.

The Dukes’ Family Cancer Fund

We recently learned about the family of Shauna and Joshua Dukes from Maui whose youngest son, Baby Trucker, has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma.  Facing possible medical, travel and housing expenses totaling several hundred thousand, friends of the Dukes family have started a Give forward campaign to help offset or cover these costs.  Shauna has her own jewelry company called Ocean Elements Jewelry, and Joshua is a Firefighter.  Any support

Baby Trucker

Please pray for this family. They are believing the LORD for Baby Trucker’s healing, and we agree with them in prayer.  Please pray for the funds to be provided for the family to take care of their son in Oahu and their three other children here on Maui and for friends and family to help where they can.  Please pray for them to find inexpensive housing in Oahu and vehicle for the time that they will spend there.

How can you help? First and foremost, Pray for healing! Second, give generously (you can also donate airmiles) if you can at FInally, please share the previous link via social media so that others can give and join in praying for Baby Trucker’s healing.

Hurricane Ana Update 10/18 2pm

Thank you for praying for the Hawaiian Islands,and we offer a continued praise as the storm seems to be by-passing the entire island chain.  This afternoon the Central Pacific Hurricane Center said the storm will pass dangerously close to Kauai.  This ,of course, is reminiscent of Hurricane Iniki (1992) which is one of strongest hurricanes to make landfall in the United States, an Iniki caused massive damage to the island of Kauai. As with Ana, Iniki seemed to be on path clear of the Hawaiian Islands, so please pray for their fears to be calmed in the face of this potential threat from Hurricane Ana, and please pray for the safety and protection of all the people on the Islands of Kauai and Ni’ihau.

Hurricane Ana Update 10-18 2pm


Hurricane Ana 10-17-14: Update, Praise and Prayers

Tropical Storm Ana is now Hurricane Ana, and the current track (below) shows the storm passing all of the Hawaiian Islands.  This is a huge praise, and we still need to be praying for the storm to go past the islands and to weaken.  We are also dealing with heavy rains from the outer bands, so please pray for there to be no flash flooding.  Please pray for the health and safety of all people on the islands, until this storm system completely passes through.

Hurricane Ana Update 10-17 11pm update