Baby Trucker Update #11- The cutest dance

Shauna Dukes shared a praise about Trucker’s recovery from his latest round of chemo. Please read her update and be praying for Trucker to have “no evidence of disease” (NED) at his next check-up. Watch the cutest dance you will ever see!  and read about how you can help trucker by posting a video of you dancing and tagging the @theellenshow.

Baby Trucker #11

Look who’s cruisin central park again!!! His white blood cell counts spiked the other night which means he has a small immune system again!! Yipeeeee!! So we busted out of cancer jail and he has been the best today that he is been since before surgery!! Thank you Lord!!! Whats next? We get to enjoy each others company untill scans next friday which will tell us where we are with the cancer fight and which way we go next.. Please be praying we are NED(no evidence of disease) so we can start immunitherapy which trains your own immune sustem to fight the residual cancer.. There is no cure!! frown emoticonthe cancer is still there even when we cant see it in scans so we fight strong..‪#‎weneedacure‬ if that happens we have another 4-5 months in NYC and this mamma is grateful to be here but sooo homesick already!! Thank you for loving us!! ‪#‎punchcancerintheface‬ ‪#‎littlelegend‬ ‪#‎LOVEbeatscancer‬‪#‎missingmyfamilyalready‬ ‪#‎teamtrucker‬ ‪#‎truckertough‬ ‪#‎theyoungandbrave‬‪#‎truckersahambone‬ ‪#‎Godanswersprayers‬

Watch this video of Trucker dancing with his mamma and read below to see how you can help. #JustKeepDancing #teamtrucker okay team trucker lets raise awareness for pediatric cancer with@theellenshow video yourself dancing with the hashtag #JustKeepDancing and #teamtrucker and challenge 3 people to do the same. We challenge@trucker_boy_dukes with mac and jedi@pray_for_trucker @cglenfant Your Welcome!!!!❤️❤️❤️ #kidsgetcancertoo #nueroblastomasabastard#chooseLOVE #loveisaverb #LOVEbeatscancer#littlelegend

Frank Rice Memorial

Aloha and Mahalo to all who prayed for Frank and his family during his battle with cancer.

Frank Rice Update #3

Please pray for the family, as people from all over the island of Maui gather at Hope Chapel Maui to celebrate Frank’s life.

Where:  Hope Chapel Maui,
300 E. Welakahao Rd
Kihei, HI 96753

When: Saturday, May 23, 11:00am

Baby Trucker Update #10

Please read these two updates from Trucker’s mom, Shauna. Please pray that Baby Trucker will continue to recover from his last round of chemo and that his appetite will increase.

Baby Trucker #10-1

Yesterday’s Update
When it rains… You know how it goes.. A tearful good-bye to my big boys and off to the hospital for a fever. He is nutrapenic right now from last round of chemo which means he has zero immune system and lands us a 3-5 day hospital stay for antibiotics and observation:( its so hard seeing him so sick..

Baby Trucker #10

Today’s Update
I have more than a thousand reasons to smile!! :):):):) In the middle of this cancer sucking storm I am grateful to say that I can’t even count all the blessings in my life!! Every time one of you takes the time to send encouragement, write a note, say a prayer, send packages, drop off meals, donate money, give of your time to spend with me and my lil ones it blesses me!! More than you will ever know!! Thank you!! Trucker is doing a little better today.. Amazing what a blood transfusion and some antibiotics can do!! Please continue to pray he would start eating more!! With much love!!

Baby Trucker Update #9- Recovery is progressing slowly

Thank you all for your prayers for baby Trucker as he recovers from surgery.  Please read below for the updates from Trucker’s mom, Shauna.

Baby Trucker update #9

He can walk a little but doesn’t really want to. Still has massive diarrhea and a huge diaper rash poor little guy.. He’s still getting chemo until tomorrow.. There is talk of us being able to leave after that if hes doing well but he hasn’t really been eating and he also might have a hernia poor little guy…

Shauna shared this cute video today of Trucker and his Dad in Central Park with the 060update below.  Central park goodness!!! We finally busted Trucker out of the hospital and are so enjoying our time all together and loving all the entertainment NYC has to offer!! Joshua and the big kiddos leave back for Maui in 5 days and my mamma heart is soooo soaking up every minute we have together!!! Trucker is doing pretty good!! He’s still sore and not quite himself yet but he is well on his way to bouncing back!! Thank you for loving us!! Thank you for following us and praying for us!! We u all!! 

Frank Rice Update #7

For those who have been praying, please continue to pray for the family as Pastor Frank Rice entered heaven earlier this week. His wife,Marlene, wrote a beautiful post on Caring Bridge; please read below the photo

Frank Rice Update #3


Yesterday morning my best friend and husband entered heaven’s gates. What a glorious moment that was for Frank. Surrounded by our children and grandchildren we all hugged, kissed him and cried a lot of tears. Frank has been in my life for 41 years and I can honestly say they have been the best years of my life. While in the hospital one of the nurses asked him, what did he attribute to a successful 39 year marriage. Without missing a beat Frank said, “Marry someone who loves you.” Truly, that is the perfect answer. We loved each other passionately and have always tried to put one another first. Frank is one of those kind of irraplacible people. He was there for everyone even strangers. If you needed something, you could count on Frank to come through for each one of you. Frank will be in my heart forever. I will carry him with me wherever I go. And best of all Frank promised to be the first one to welcome me when I step from this temporary dwelling place into my heavenly home. Yes, it is true–Heaven is Better. For me Heaven is Better because Frank is there. Marlene

Frank Rice Update #5

Last time we share about Frank’s needs, the family  for him to get into the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific and for him regain enough mobility to return home to Maui. The LORD allowed Frank to receive treatment at the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific and to return home to Maui last Monday, April 20th!

Frank Rice Update CB

Please continue to pray for Frank’s complete recovery from the stroke and for him to completely cancer free.  Please join us in praying for a “David vs Goliath” miracle in which this cancer is “Too big to miss” I Samuel 17

Please read this Caring Bridge journal update from Frank’s son Daniel.
In Gods hands is something my brother Jeremy said today in which we that are saved truely are. My Dad is definently in Gods hands and that is where we all desire to be but in the flesh we all want to keep him here as long as we can with us.He is snoring away right now with multiple friends dropping by to pray and bringing lots of food lol Thankyou. I had a few moments alone with him today and he grabbed my hand and said Thankyou for being faithful, as a son of Pastor Frank and a son of the most high that is the most rewarding complement I could of ever received.I am a truely blessed man to of been raised by him he paved the way for me he taught me how to live life for Jesus first family second and to serve others.There is power in serving and I have learned this from my dad .Galatians 6:2 says we bear eachothers burdens so we fulfill the law of Christ that is what we are called to do and that is what my dad has taught us throughout our lives through his life.Bearing a burden to me means you and I have 50lb back packs on climbing a mountain one of us begins to back slide and the other comes and takes some of the weight out and puts it in their pack and you both reach the top together.We are all in Gods family and we are all heirs of God and co heirs with Christ if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his Glory Romans 8:17 ,please continue to pray and believe Cmon Jesus we BELIEVE thank all 5000 of you for your prayers and support Aloha and blessings Daniel

If you feel lead to give, please go to Frank’s gofund page, and go here to follow their journey on CaringBridge,