Baby Trucker Update #8- Surgery Complete

Please read the updates regarding Baby Trucker’s surgery and post-op recovery.

Trucker Update #8-1

After almost 10 hours of surgery this little warrior has some big new battle wounds but we blasted some cancer good!! Our amazing surgeon got all of the main tumor which took some time cuz it was stuck to a lot of vital organs. He removed several lymph nodes, he wasn’t even sure how many and his adrenal gland, And whatever else he saw!! Thank God!! We will still do a clean up round of chemo probably soon and pray he is NED(no evidence of disease) so we can start immunotherapy and radiation!! We have a long road of recovery ahead so please keep praying!! He will be on a breathing machine for 24-48 hours and in ICU being continually monitored!! He had a lot of stuff moved around in his belly today poor little guy and his battle wound goes all the way around his back!! Thank you to everyone who prayed for us today, sent well wishes, spent time with us and our kiddos, and sat on the edge of their seats holding their breaths with us today!! You will never know how much that means to us!! Im sorry if this is hard to see but this is what pediatric cancer looks like #weneedacure #littlelegend #LOVEbeatscancer @theyoungandbrave #teamtrucker #keepontruckontruckerboy #sharedachinghearts

Trucker Update #8-2

Good news everyone. I have been extubated and am breathing on my own! I was signing “all done” #TruckerTough #LittleWarrior #EndChildhoodCancer #TeamTrucker #PunchCancerInTheFace

Living Way Maui- Praise Report!

Last February, Pastor Greg Dela Cruz contacted us at Pray Hawaii to share that the building where his church, Living Way Maui, is housed was going into foreclosure. Immediately, the church began a capital campaign to raise the funds for a down payment to purchase the church building at the auction.  With help from the community, a “Rally in Da Valley,” and other churches, the church raised just over $50,000 in about a month.  By the time of the auction, the church could not secure financing, and a former business partner of the previous owner purchased the building.

The good news was that he would allow the church to stay in the building.  They began talks to purchase the building from the new owner. However, the church needed many improvements to secure a loan for the property. Eventually, the church got the financing together, made improvements on the building, and went into a purchase contract to BUY the building they might have lost. Please read below for the most recent update…

Living Way Maui

Pastor Greg Dela Cruz and the ‘Ohana at Living Way Maui are the new owners of their building as of March 10, 2015.  This is wonderful for the church because they were able to purchase the entire building plus the house where Pastor Greg and his family live.  Please join us in thanking God for this blessing one of His houses of worship.  Please pray for the church to continue to thrive and meet their monthly obligations.

Baby Trucker Update #7

After seeing a friend of the Dukes ‘Ohana at Costco last week, I am happy to share this update (click the date for the full update from FB) from the family regarding Trucker Dukes.  If you feel led to give, please go the Trucker’s GiveForward page and make donation to the cancer fund.  Also, there is a shopify page where you can purchase T-shirts, hats, etc. to support the Dukes Ohana (all proceeds go the Dukes ‘Ohana and cancer fund).

Trucker Update 7

Aloha Trucker ohana!!!!! Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Trucker is being transferred to Memorial Sloan…

Posted by Team Trucker – Trucker Dukes Supporters on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Frank Rice Update #4

Earlier this evening, I got to speak with Frank’s wife, Marlene, about Frank’s condition and how we can pray for the family. Marlene first shared a praise regarding how God worked in the background to allow the family to stay at the hospital during Frank’s radiation treatments (this is not the normal process).  The main prayer request remains for Frank to be 100% cancer free.

Frank Rice Update CB

She then shared three other specific prayer requests. Today marked Frank’s tenth and final radiation treatment, and he has regained some mobility and use on the left side of his body.  The first prayer request is that all the tumors in his brain would be completely dissipated, and second, that Frank would regain complete mobility on the left side of his body, and third, that Frank would be able to start rehab in an intensive program on Oahu.  Frank may not qualify for this rehab program, but it is the one the family wants for him.

I also read this update from Frank’s daughter on the Caring Bridge journal.

“As I sit here next to my dad holding his hand, I am struck by what an unusual gift the past 16 days have been for me. So many wonderful moments together as a family and one on one. The gift of time to talk and share our feelings. The ability to express every emotion. The time has come for me to head home tonight. The thought of leaving is excruciating yet I know it is time for me to go back to my husband and son and home…I am leaving knowing in my heart that my dad and I truly have no unfinished business. Our relationship has always been such a special close one. We have both cherished our bond and know how lucky we are. I choose to believe only the best will happen and will put my energy into what IS possible…

I love you always and forever dad – Seeker”

Please join us in praying for Frank’s complete recovery.  Please pray for the family to find comfort in the Lord, in each other, and from their friends during this difficult time.  If you feel lead to give, please go to Frank’s gofundme website by clicking here.

And join us in declaring “TOO BIG TO MISS – 1 Samuel 17 – David Slays Goliath”


Pakistan Prayer Request

Our Friend, fellow minister, and my wife’s soul sister shared this prayer request via Facebook for her friend and Christians in Pakistan

Prayer Warriors I need you praying! Annie Aster Bhola in Pakistan has been pushed out of her home by Muslim extremists. Her neighborhood and other Christians are in the middle of violence after the suicide bombings took place 10 mins from her home last weekend. Pray for their safety and that they will be able to return home. Her battery on her cell is about to do die so I won’t have contact with her soon. Please share with every prayer warrior you know! Thank you!

Please join us in praying for Pakistan

Frank Rice Update #3

Please read below for an two updates from Caring Bridge: one on Frank’s BRAF numbers and, and the second, a sweet post from his wife Marlene. If you feel like giving financial support to this family, please follow this link to their gofundme account.

Update #1 from Jessica (Frank’s Daughter)

Today we learned Dad is not BRAF positive. They have stopped the current chemo therapy. The path will now be more linear. We will complete radiation on Tuesday – three more sessions. The goal is to get him back to Maui where he can begin a new treatment regimen. We will be exploring all options and seeking additional expertise from melanoma specialists across the country to ensure we get him the best therapy. Please keep our family in your prayers-the shock and stress of everything that has happened in the past 12 days is significant and painful. We refuse to see this as a setback but merely as a different path forward. Attached is a picture of my dad’s happy place. Carefree on the water..

Frank Rice Update #3


Update #2 from Marlene (Frank’s Wife)

It is 5:30am on Oahu. Yesterday was a tough day for us all. Never for one moment did I think that Frank and I would ever be engaged in fighting this kind of battle. This is not something that happens to people I know and love. But here we are standing together helping Frank fight for his life. The love and support from all of you is what is getting us through. We are so grateful to family and friends who continue to send thoughts and prayers our way. The good news is, our faith is strong and we continue to see God moving in the midst of a challenging situation. Doubt is not part of our vocabulary. God is on the throne, He is in control of not only our lives but your life too. No matter what yesterday brought your way, please know for sure that today is a new day and Joy will come to you “this morning.” BLESSINGS -Marlene

Please continue praying and believing for a miracle for Frank.  As Marlene said, “God is on the throne…” Praise God for His goodness and His new mercies every morning.  Pray for the family to seek God and find comfort in Him during this difficult time.  Pray for the doctors to have wisdom in seeking the right course of action.

Thanking God for you all! Sincerely, Greg Poppy


Frank Rice Update #2 (Request for Financial Support)

For those of you who read about Frank Rice for our earlier post, I wanted to share the link to the website where you can make a donation to his cancer fund if you feel led to give.  (Also, please read below for an update from Caring Bridge.)

Frank Rice Update CB

This is the update from Frank’s Children posted at the gofundme page

Our Dad is truly the greatest man we have ever known. If you have the pleasure of knowing him, you know exactly what we mean. Within one week he has gone from healthy to seriously ill. Diagnosed with stage four metastatic melanoma, we are starting this campaign to support Frank & Marlene along this journey with medical and other expenses. Our deep desire is that given everything they need to focus on, financial burdens will not be one of them.

Thank you – Kamie Lynch, Jeremy Rice, Daniel Rice & Jessica Boden

We shout to the Lord – TOO BIG TO MISS – 1 Samuel 17 – David Slays Goliath

On the Frank’s Caring Bridge page, this update was posted yesterday.

Frank Rice Update #2

Today dad got a special visit from two good friends from Maui; Erik and Moana. They are both wonderful musicians and very talented. During the songs dad was moving his left foot and left hand. Many thanks to them for taking the time to come and sing for him.

Please continue to pray for for Frank’s healing and for people to give financial, emotional, and physical support to the Rices during this time.